Are you closing 100% of the customers who visit your community? Our Visto continuing education course Advanced Closing Techniques will grow your skill set as you master fundamental and advanced closing techniques. Learn why body language, storytelling and follow-up techniques are crucial to a successful close.

Advanced Closing Techniques - 50% PromoProspective residents hear more than your words. By listening carefully, monitoring body language and incorporating stories, you can gauge a resident’s concerns and eliminate their fears.

Advanced Closing Techniques dives into the essential questions of closing on an apartment home. What is the customer concerned about? What do they value? To help you answer these questions, the course analyzes the following concepts:

  • The role that listening plays in the sales process
  • Reading a prospective resident’s body language
  • Ways to utilize descriptions and storytelling to sell apartment homes

Storytelling is a unique and effective tool used during the closing process. It helps prospective residents envision themselves living in the apartment home and using the community amenities. Every time you incorporate a story into your presentation, you come one step closer to closing the sale. Effective stories follow these key guidelines:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it personal
  • Connect emotionally using the senses

Advanced Closing Techniques not only helps you close more customers, it counts for 1.5 of the continuing education credits (CECs) needed to maintain your professional credential. Check out other continuing education courses available through Visto here.

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