What Is the Best Credential for Apartment Suppliers?

For multifamily property suppliers eager to build their book of business with property management clients, the Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) credential is the way to go. CAS allows you to deepen your familiarity with the challenges of the marketplace – and to wow your prospective clients with the value you bring as a vendor dedicated to meeting their everyday needs.

Sign Up to Stand Out

Completing the CAS certification gives you a leg up on the competition. With CAS, you’ll showcase your fluency in matters of critical importance to property managers, distinguishing yourself through your ability to navigate a wide range of issues including:

  •     Applicant screening
  •     Leasing contracts
  •     Rent collection
  •     Fair housing
  •     Safety programs and documentation
  •     Move-ins and move-outs
  •     Lease terminations
  •     Preventive maintenance

 Solve Problems. Reach Goals.

Imagine how much you could strengthen your relationship with current property management clients if you were able to speak their language and help them achieve their business objectives. CAS equips you with the knowledge and tools to make yourself indispensable. The certification enhances your understanding of how to:

  •     Monitor property performance
  •     Analyze financial operations
  •     Address environmental hazards and crime
  •     Maximize net operating income

Easy Investment 

Obtaining the CAS credential is simple. Once you have 12 months’ experience in the multifamily property industry under your belt, you’re eligible. All it takes is completing the program’s 26 hours of coursework and concluding exam – and doing it within one year of declaring your candidacy. Whether you are new to the industry or a long-time veteran, CAS puts you in the driver’s seat on the road to enhanced career success.

Find out how CAS certification can grow your skill set, boost your business and take you where you want to go.