Continuing Education is for Everyone


Visto offers a wide range of courses that can count for continuing education credits (CECs) needed for credential renewals. 

Many companies reward those who carry industry credentials. Validate your knowledge and skills, enhance your credibility, boost your confidence and earn respect among clients and peers. Earn credentials such as: 

Check the length of time to determine how many CECs may be earned for each course. One hour equals one CEC, and the number of CECs each course will earn you is in the course description.

Property managers, leasing agents, apartment suppliers and maintenance technicians are all vital to apartment communities’ success. Visto contains courses to earn credentials for the entire staff with courses including:   

  • Advanced Closing Techniques
  • Building a Team Culture
  • Fair Housing and Beyond
  • Crisis Management
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Suite
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • NAAEI’s Ensuring Accessible Housing

Check out other continuing education courses available through Visto here.

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