Cybersecurity Training

Protect against cyber attacks with industry-specific cybersecurity training, perfect for employees and supervisors in non-technical roles.

Cyber Security Courses - Visto Professional Credentials

Cyber attacks are on the rise and many companies are unknowingly at risk. Property management companies are particularly vulnerable, due to the amount of personal information collected and the number of third-party vendors used. A data breach can severely damage the reputation of your business and result in costly lawsuits.

Whether you currently have a cybersecurity solution or know you need one, our new series of cybersecurity courses can help keep your company’s data safe.

Here’s what makes our course series different:

  • Multifamily-focused
  • Addresses the most current cyber threats and thinking on how to combat them
  • Employee and supervisor versions for on-site and corporate staff
  • Engaging content, including videos, interactive practice, and quizzes
  • Each course only takes 20 minutes to complete

Visto’s new cybersecurity courses equip all property management roles with practical strategies to help prepare for and prevent cyber attacks.

Courses for Employees

These days, almost all of your computer work requires an Internet connection, which can leave an open door for cybercriminals. Our courses can help you keep your company and resident information safe.

Courses for Employees

Courses for Supervisors

As a supervisor, you have many responsibilities and don’t always have an IT staff on site. Our courses will get you up to speed on how to manage your company computer systems, documents, and data safely.

Courses for Supervisors

Protect against cyber attacks.

Visto offers cybersecurity courses in an easy online format, accessible from anywhere on any device.