Fair Housing for Supplier Partners


It is important that vendors and contractors understand and comply with fair housing laws. If a vendor or contractor working on-site is accused of discrimination, there can be serious consequences for the community, management company, and the individual accused of discrimination. 

Contractors should have a basic understanding of fair housing laws, including: 

  • The purpose of the law and who is protected by it
  • The definition of discrimination and some examples of discriminatory behavior
  • The definition of harassment and some examples of harassing behavior
  • What reasonable accommodations and modifications are

The Fair Housing for Supplier Partners course is designed to provide partnering vendors and contractors with a basic knowledge of fair housing law and best practices for working on-site. Understanding and complying with fair housing law will help you avoid costly lawsuits and be a better partner to the multifamily communities you serve.

The 15-minute course covers critical topics like:

  • Types of discrimination prohibited by the Fair Housing Act
  • Who is protected under the law
  • How to treat all customers fairly, equally, and consistently
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