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An interview with Ashley Ward, CAM CAPS, a Regional Manager with Greystar, who earned her CAM in 2019.

Learning takes time. It takes commitment. But it also forms the backbone of success. As Will Rogers once said, “The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.”

Sitting still is easy. It’s comfortable and familiar and rarely involves risk. But beware: Growing comfortable with everyday routines and rhythms can lead to complacency. After all, it’s nice being the resident expert!

However, embracing the status quo is not the key to a successful career. In fact, behind most successful people runs a common commitment to learning, whether through taking classes, reading, the trial and error of experience, or something similar that involves growth and curiosity.

And that is undoubtedly true for Ashley Ward, who continues to be curious and pursue learning opportunities that both challenge and enrich her professional growth.  

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Ready To Make a Change

The stories of multifamily professionals, specifically how they got their starts, echo around a familiar phrase: rewarding and wonderful, yet unexpected. And Ashley is no exception. 

Throughout college and beyond, Ashley worked in retail. She was ready for a change but unsure about her next move. However, a friend of hers, who was working in the multifamily space, recognized Ashley’s potential as a leasing consultant and mentioned a hiring opportunity at the property where she worked. 

That was 2009, the year Ashley took her first steps into the multifamily industry, and she has been moving forward ever since. 

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Standing Out From the Crowd

When Ashley decided to pursue her CAM, she was a Community Manager with Greystar at the property she currently oversees. And as she began advancing in her career, she viewed earning her CAM credential as a way to elevate herself and stand out among her peers. 

“The CAM credential has always been highly regarded in our industry, and I knew that taking the course would benefit my career,” said Ashley. “But I also wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and I knew it would give me a much better understanding of other subjects that may assist me on a daily basis.”

“I would absolutely recommend the CAM credential to others.”
Ashley Ward, CAM CAPS, Greystar

Yes, You Can Do Hard Things

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For anyone who has ever struggled in school or felt challenged by test anxiety or a learning difference, the idea of having to study and sit for a test can be overwhelming. And sadly, many never move beyond that fear. 

In fact, it can be tempting to assume that everyone who has taken and passed a credential test doesn’t share any of those common struggles. But to think that would be wrong.

Ashley has ADHD and test anxiety, so she was extremely nervous about taking the test. 
“It is very hard for me to take tests without being extremely nervous,” said Ashley. “I studied for about a week and a half before I took the test. And I mean, studied! I made a ton of flashcards and spent every free moment going through them.”

And that hard work paid off because Ashley passed! 

Hard Work Pays Off

One step leads to another. After successfully passing the CAM exam, Ashley was promoted from Community Manager to Senior Community Manager. And while working hard in her new role, she also took the initiative to assume additional responsibilities, such as leading the senior community managers in her region, helping facilitate assistant manager and leasing professional meetings, and offering support to others where needed.

Now as a Regional Property Manager with Greystar, Ashley’s current role includes overseeing a Class A+ boutique community undergoing unit and amenity renovations.

So why grow with Visto?

Visto is a partnership between Grace Hill, the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI), and NAA Affiliates that provides easy online access to industry-leading credentials (like the CAM), continuing education courses, instructor-led webinars, and more.

Visto offers valuable industry accreditation and continuing education training for multifamily career paths, from leasing and community management to maintenance.

“I would absolutely recommend the CAM credential to others if for no other reason than all the new things you learn during the course — things that will help you on a daily basis. I often come across situations and think, ‘I’m pretty sure we covered this in CAM; let me go back to my notes.'”
Ashley Ward, CAM CAPS, Greystar


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