Managing Stress in Today’s Chaotic Environment


COVID-19 is a source of stress for most people now. But as a property management professional, you have the added challenge of looking after the population of people who live at your community. As a result, you need to be just as diligent about taking care of yourself as you are about staying informed and communicating with residents. Here are some strategies for staying at your best so you can give your best to others.

Stay Informed, Not Obsessed

With new reports coming out hourly about infection numbers, business closures, community response, and recommended precautions, it can be tempting to stay glued to news, email, and social media all day. However, this can greatly increase your stress level without offering any commensurate benefit. Consider limiting your media exposure to certain preset times of day. These reports often contain the same news with different packaging anyway.

Stick to Your Routine Whenever Possible

Another temptation during a crisis is to abandon all your usual activities in order to focus fully on crisis response. While that may be a noble intention, it’s not sustainable and, ultimately, isn’t in anyone’s best interest. To make sure you’re at your most effective when you’re supporting residents, keep your non-work routine as normal as possible. That means eating nutritiously at mealtimes, maintaining good sleep habits, and keeping up your exercise regime.

Don’t Catch Anxiety

Like the virus itself, anxiety can be contagious and requires preventative measures. Remember that any upset residents and/or coworkers you encounter are simply venting their fear and uncertainty. You can listen, empathize, and support, but you don’t have to take on that fear and uncertainty. Taking care of yourself will help you be a calming influence on others.

Use Your Resources

These are just a few of the ways you can manage your stress in the current climate. For more tips on handling crisis, stress, and emotions, as well as a host of other property management resources that can help you stay informed and prepared, see Visto’s COVID-19 Resources for Property Management Professionals.


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