The Ethical Difference


A strong ethical foundation is an important business tool. It can help you make better decisions, increase customer satisfaction and even lead to peace of mind.

Our Visto continuing education course Business Ethics examines the difference between business and personal ethics and explains how to identify common ethical dilemmas in the multifamily industry. You’ll learn how a system of ethics can help you make decisions more confidently and avoid slipping into unethical behavior.

Ethical issues common to the multifamily industry:

  • Harassment
  • Privacy
  • Theft
  • Dishonesty
  • Conflict of interest
  • Dealing with mistakes

A company ethics policy should communicate company values, build awareness of ethical dilemmas employees might encounter and create guidelines for employees to follow.

Behaving unethically is a slippery slope. It often begins with small temptations but before long you can find yourself in uncharted territory doing things that put your career at risk. Business Ethics reviews key strategies for identifying ethical principles, practicing disciplined decision-making, and listening to one’s conscience.

Business Ethics counts for 1 of the continuing education credits (CECs) needed to maintain your professional credential. Check out other continuing education courses available through Visto here.


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