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Visto Compliance Online Training Courses

Multifamily Compliance Risks Are Serious Business

Are you compliant? Violating fair housing or sexual harassment laws, for example, can be financially devastating to your company. In many cases, the individual who violates these laws can also be subject to hefty fines and costly lawsuits.

Is your company at risk? Visto has a variety of online courses designed to explain the laws and nuances, as well as depict real-life applications. Check out our suite of compliance courses below.

Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act ensures equal access to housing, making discrimination against protected classes illegal. Our courses cover specific laws of the FHA, the definition of protected classes, and appropriate actions for multifamily.

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Drug Free Workplace

This course will help you understand your role in your workplace, including how to identify substance abuse, legal issues, and ways to assist those struggling with abuse or addiction. Supervisor version also available.

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Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is not just about sex and gender; it can also involve race, religion, age, disabilities, and other protected characteristics. Our courses will teach you what can be considered harassment, and how to promote a safe work environment. Supervisor and Spanish versions available.

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Sexual Harassment

Behavior in the workplace that may be considered appropriate for some may not be perceived as acceptable by all. Our courses will help you identify illegal behaviors that can be considered sexual harassment and explain the consequences of retaliation. Supervisor and Spanish versions also available.

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Workplace Diversity

In a diverse workplace, cultural differences can be intimidating. This course will show you how to acknowledge, appreciate, and even celebrate diversity in order to form a happier, more productive team. Supervisor version also available.

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