Why Credentials Matter: An Interview with National Maintenance Trainer, Angel Davila


As we continue with our Summer of Inspiration series, this week we sat down with Angel Davila, CAM, CAMT, CAPS, and NAAEI Advanced Instructor to talk about why he believes credentials are so important and how it has helped him excel in his career.

Angel is the National Maintenance Trainer for Monarch Investment and Management group in Castle Rock, Colorado. Not one to limit himself, Angel has earned three credentials (CAM, CAMT, CAPS) and is also an NAAEI Advanced Instructor. He has received numerous awards over the years and in 2019 he was recognized for his excellence and leadership in the apartment housing industry with the Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) of the Year Award.

Let’s start with what led you to pursue your first credential.

I started off in the industry as a groundskeeper and then joined the Marine Corps and was in the reserves. When I came back from deployment, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. So the first thing that I did was get my universal EPA. Then I heard about this certificate for apartment maintenance technicians in Austin and I signed up, earned my first credential and began to work my way through the industry. I started off as an assistant lead and after getting my CAMT designation, I actually got promoted to the Maintenance Supervisor position. From there my career just took off.

Why was it so important to get a credential?

I feel that it’s paramount in this industry to further your education, to get to know more about other individuals roles within your organizations. So just because I did maintenance, I didn’t want to limit myself to just knowing the maintenance aspect I wanted to know about the budgeting, NOI and the overall big picture. 

How has having a credential helped you in your career?

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my credentials. Getting my credential helped me get my dream job.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about earning a credential?

If I had to tell anybody one thing, if they’re on the fence about getting their credential, I would just say, don’t wait — the sooner the better. There’s a lot of different sponsorship opportunities at the local level as well as at the national level so go for it. Earning a credential is going to help one’s career.

Any other thoughts on the benefits of investing in yourself?

I had a goal to be the very best in the industry so I Invested in myself and I think everyone should have that same goal. Earning credentials through NAAEI set me apart in the industry and prepared me for my dream job.

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