3 Myths About Earning A Property Management Credential


Are you a Property Management professional who is still unsure about the importance of having that credential behind your name? Today, we’ll dispel three myths that could be holding you back from a fulfilling career in the rental housing industry.

MYTH #1: I can advance in my career without it

There are many ways to define success, but for Angel Davila, it came down to earning credentials that helped him land his dream job as a National Maintenance Trainer.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without my credentials. Earning my credentials helped me get my dream job. Angel Davila, CAM, CAMT, CAPS

Earning a credential demonstrates your commitment to your career and gives you real-world skills you can use on the job. Besides enhancing your credibility and confidence, credentials are the best way to set you apart from the competition and advance your career.

MYTH #2: It’s too expensive and I have to pay for it myself

If you listen to Linda Ross, NALP, CAM Emeritus, earning a credential is not only affordable but is a must if you want to succeed in this industry. 

The best person to invest in is yourself and you cannot rely on other people to do it. The opportunities available to us are not only convenient, but they’re affordable. You have to do it if you’re going to make a career choice in this industry.

In a recent survey, 58% of companies surveyed said they will pay for their employees to earn a credential. So check with your organization to see if they have a tuition reimbursement program that covers industry credentials — You’re Worth It!

MYTH #3: It takes too long and I don’t have time

The National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) credentials offered on Visto take between 25 hours and 40 hours to complete, depending on the course. That’s only three to five days in total!  

If you dedicate just two hours a day, you can complete a 25-hour course in two weeks and a 40-hour course in less than a month. Go for it!

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