3 Traits of Successful Leasing Consultants


In 1966, a Madison Avenue advertising agency created a slogan for a Botany Suits ad that said,  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. 

In the multifamily industry, Leasing Consultants are the first connection a prospective resident will have with a community, and since their main role is to attract and retain residents, first impressions matter – especially in this industry.

One of the hallmarks of a great leasing consultant is the desire to help people. They are successful because they have a unique ability to meet prospective residents where they are at that moment in time, connect with them personally, gain their trust, and guide them through the process of leasing their new apartment home – with ease.

There are three traits all successful leasing consultants have in common:

  • Listen with intention. Each prospective resident has unique values and concerns and one of the most effective ways to understand and make a personal connection is listening with intention or as some would say, “active listening.”

    1. Mirror their body language and maintain eye contact when conversing – Simply put, if they’re soft spoken, speak softly. If they’re animated, be animated. And always look them in the eyes when you’re speaking to them.
    2. Ask questions and rephrase their responses back to them – This lets potential residents know you’re listening and opens the door for them to clarify what they are trying to communicate if it wasn’t clear. 
    3. Offer encouragement along the way – Moving is stressful and there’s lots of emotions involved, so showing empathy and understanding is a great way to gain their trust, calm their fears and tap into the emotional aspects of picking a new home.
  • Use Storytelling. Telling stories is the easiest and most effective way to help prospective residents connect with and envision themselves living in your community. Stories stimulate the emotional side of the brain and are, far and away, more effective than facts and figures. So, in addition to communicating apartment features and benefits, share stories that will resonate with prospective residents on a visceral level – keep it simple, make it personal, and connect emotionally using the senses. 
  • Ask for the business. Did you know that almost 50% of sales professionals don’t ask for the business? You’ve spent time building a rapport and showcasing the value of your community and how it can deliver on their personal needs – now it’s time to ask for their business. Never, ever let a prospect walk out the door without asking the question – Do you want to sign your lease today?

To learn more about becoming a leasing consultant go to gowithvisto.org for more information.

Visto Content Team


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