Overcoming Bias: Become a stand out leader in the property management industry


As a leader, you set the tone and pace for your organization, the apartment community, and the team. And it starts with understanding bias and the impact it has on you and your organization.

“Bias is a natural part of the human condition—of how the brain works. And it affects how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential. There is nothing more fundamental to performance than how we see and treat each other as human beings.” Franklin Covey

Understanding Bias Matters:
Addressing bias and creating a healthy culture where everyone can thrive is the key to unleashing your potential and becoming a stand out leader who is making a difference.

Franklin Covey’s new course, Unconscious Bias, explores different ways to face bias, do it with courage, and create a space where everyone is respected, included, and feels valued:

  • Identify Bias and the impact it has on behaviors, decisions, and performance
  • Cultivate Connections that will increase empathy and encourage curiosity when interacting with others personally
  • Choose Courage and identify creative ways to address bias within your organization

Addressing Bias is the Key:
According to Franklin Covey, it moves beyond raising awareness — it’s about building practical skills that will enable leaders and individuals within an organization to recognize bias in action and follow practical guidelines to counter its potentially harmful effects. 

 The “Unconscious Bias” Course is designed to:

  • Develop leaders who create an inclusive workplace and address unconscious bias’s impact on decision making
  • Build a culture where everyone feels respected, included, and valued
  • Improve collaboration between newly acquired groups or between existing functional silos
  • Develop an inclusive culture that positively impacts the bottom line.
  • Shift from a compliance-based approach to diversity training to a more practical, action-oriented approach
  • Close the gap between expected and actual behaviors in how people see and treat each other

For a limited time, when you purchase the Franklin Covey, “Unconscious Bias” course, you will receive “The 7 Habits Coach: How to Deal with Change and Uncertainty” at no additional cost

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