I Earned a Property Management Credential. Now What?


Congratulations! You studied hard and demonstrated the commitment it takes to advance your career in property management. Well done. Whether you just started your career or have been moving along your career path, you have gained invaluable knowledge and insights that will serve you well in the real world – on the job.

The credential you earned not only validates your knowledge and skills but enhances your credibility and earns you the respect you deserve among clients and peers. 

And, let’s not forget the personal pride you feel in owning your professional development and setting yourself up for success.

Now it’s time to contemplate your future and let the world know:

  • Claim your badge: NAAEI credentials show your commitment to professional development. Before, you could only share your accomplishment with a small audience.  Now, you can share if widely through social media, email, websites, and your digital resume using professional digital badges.  You should have received an email from certs@naahq.org (you may have to check your spam filter) to claim your badge.  If you did not receive the email from certs@naahq.org and need support, contact ezolotukhina@naahq.org for assistance.

“I received more job opportunities through LinkedIn once I updated my profile to include my credentials!”

Get Perks on a wide range of products and services:

Be curious and keep learning:

  • Visto and NAAEI offer a wide range of extended learning opportunities and many Visto courses offer continuing education credit (CEC). Whether it’s learning Federal Fair Housing laws, managing your way through a crisis or knowing how to deal with difficult people, this is your opportunity to boost your performance and stay abreast of the latest trends and events impacting our industry. Check out your specific career path on gowithvisto.org and find your next learning and growth opportunity.

 Save 20% on any NAAEI credential with promo code JUNE2021. Offer valid through June 30, 2021.

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