Keep Your Knowledge Sharp


No matter how experienced you are in your career, it’s important to always keep learning. Regularly adding new skills and strategies to your repertoire is the best way to keep your performance high, advance in your career and stay energized in your job. Take advantage of some of these opportunities to sharpen your skills.

NAA Rewind

All of the NAA training sessions are available for purchase after the conference. You won’t have to worry about missing one session to attend another or furiously taking down notes!

Learn from your peers

Do learning exchanges among mentors or top performers in your company to explain processes and swap strategies. Talk to your company trainer about recording these training sessions so they can be offered as training videos.

Learn from your LMS

Take advantage of all the training opportunities inside your LMS. Try to train beyond what you’re required to take and retake courses you’ve taken before to brush up and benefit from course updates.

Pursue a credential

Earning your credential is a great way to learn the ins and outs of your role, from policies and procedures to performance strategies and troubleshooting. The learning process involved gives you a more in-depth understanding of what’s required to succeed in your role.

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