Tips for Successful Onboarding


If you hire and manage property employees of any kind, chances are you play a role in their onboarding. That means you have a great opportunity to impact their future performance. Use these tips to create an efficient onboarding process that sets employees up to succeed.

Get a head start

Studies have shown that early onboarding is critical to retaining employees. Set up on-demand onboarding courses ahead of time so new employees can take them immediately upon hire. Reaching new employees right away can make the difference between an employee who is floundering uncertainly and one with a sense of purpose and belonging.

Introduce your organization

Onboarding is the best time to communicate what matters most to your company. What’s expected from members of your organization as a whole? What are your company’s priorities, culture, mission? Use your recorded webinar feature to introduce key members of your organization, especially those who work in other locations.

Give employees a path for the future

Use onboarding to show employees what a future with your company could look like. Communicating a process for employees to advance their careers within the company makes them much more likely to stay. Create role-specific onboarding content that answers the following questions:

  • Which roles will naturally follow this role if the employee performs well?
  • What skills will need to be built in order to progress along the path?
  • What performance indicators will be assessed to determine whether an employee is ready to progress?
  • What training is necessary in each role along the path?
  • How will employees receive feedback about where they stand regarding performance and progress?

Include compliance training

Your primary exposure for compliance costs, which can be extremely high, is untrained employees. Use onboarding to help you get employees trained on compliance topics as early as possible. In addition to general Fair Housing topics, onboarding is a great opportunity to talk about any compliance risks that are unique to your company, or to emphasize any high-priority compliance practices.

Make it fun

Whether your onboarding is live or on-demand, keep it interesting with videos and games. Use your webinar polling feature to play a guessing game during live onboarding or use the question feature to hold a trivia contest. Ask questions that use the imagination and award the most creative answer. Add funny video clips or creative quizzes to on-demand onboarding.

Motivate employees to complete onboarding

Use incentives to encourage employees to participate in and complete onboarding. Incorporate a mix of awards, prizes, competitive leaderboards and acknowledgment in newsletters and meetings.

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