13 Ways You Can Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)


In this second part of the Visto blog series dedicated to earning continuing education credits for NAAEI credentials, we’ll focus on the different ways you can earn CECs and share three sources that are NOT accepted:

You’ll discover as you read through this blog that NAAEI provides a wide variety of sources for earning CECs — making it really easy to maintain your credential.

Six Sources of In-Network CECs

  • Any course or seminar offered by your local NAA affiliated apartment association
  • NAAEI-approved courses offered live or online through Visto
  • Apartmentalize and other NAA live or recorded conference sessions

A maximum of two CECs can be reported from the association participation activities below:

  • Participating in apartment industry legislative events
  • Instructing NAA, NAAEI or NAA affiliate courses without compensation
  • Serving on NAA, NAAEI or NAA Affiliate Boards and Committees

Seven Sources of Out-of-Network CECs

  • Courses from Housing Organizations (e.g. IREM and NAHMA)
  • Courses approved by state Real Estate Boards
  • Courses from Accredited Colleges and Universities
  • NAAEI-approved Courses from NAA Top Tier Sponsors and NAAEI Partners

A maximum of two CECs can be reported from the industry participation activities below:

  • Serving on boards, commissions, and committees related to the housing industry
  • Instructing apartment industry courses without compensation 
  • Writing articles published in apartment industry publications without compensation

The following three sources are NOT accepted:

  • Training that does not meet the criteria listed above
  • Corporate in-house training courses
  • CECs earned more than one year prior to your credential renewal date
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